Ways to Help

The Anchors Away Foundation is looking for benefactors, sponsors and community leaders to donate funds, volunteer time and assist in fundraising efforts to teach physically and intellectually disabled students how to sail on their own while gaining valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. 

Your participation, donation and contributions ensure our success.

98% of every dollar donated to the Anchors Away Foundation is spent on purchasing and maintaining boats, beach access wheelchairs, and specialized motorized equipment for children who cannot use their arms, and on upgrading necessary equipment for the continuation of this program.  The other 2% is dedicated to the boat launches that give us the opportunity to invite in existing and prospective program sponsors.

Sponsorships and Donations

It is our sincere desire to create the most successful year yet for the Anchors Away Foundation program. Please know how much your contribution will mean to our fundraising efforts in providing our students with watersports and sailing opportunities. 

Anchors Away Foundation Tax ID: 33-1169-852


The Anchors Away Foundation has donated special access boats and equipment  for ten years so physically and intellectually disabled children are able to know freedom on the water that they may not have on land. Each year 2,500 sailings take place on our South Florida waterways, but ten years of use have taken a toll on our sailboats and equipment. It’s time to “Renew and Repair” so the children can continue to learn about science, math and life skills while learning how to sail their own little boats on the water. Please consider a $250 tax-deductible donation to the Anchors Away Foundation to help “Renew and Repair” our fleet of 37 boats. We are proud to say that 98% of every dollar donated is spent on the boats and specialized equipment.


Your name will be highlighted in an Anchors Away Foundation recognition program.


Your name will be featured on the front page of the Anchors Away Foundation Ceremony Agenda. In addition, you will be introduced as an Anchors Away Foundation VIP at an Aventura Marketing Council Breakfast Meeting with approximately 150 South Florida businesspeople and local elected officials in attendance, as well as featured in a group photo for the media.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are seeking individuals who would like to assist in our efforts to keep the program strong. 

Anchors Away Foundation, an Aventura Marketing Council Charity

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