Art among the Flowers, a Pre-art Basel Event Inspires the Arts & Design Industries

Nov 21, 2013
Ask anyone that attended the Chihuly art exhibition at Fairchild Tropical Gardens a few years back “What could be better than art and nature? Most would agree, it’s an unbeatable combination, one that has inspired many to locate to South Florida’s tropical paradise, one that has inspired Art Basel to have a major presence in the South Florida market and a concept which inspired Petal Pushers “Art Among the Flowers,” a Pre-Art Basel Art & Design tri-county event held at the Creative Collection by Petal Pushers and Events by Petal Pushers in Boca Raton. John Eckhardt, CEO/Design Director of Petal Pushers and his partner Chase Bagnell excel in “creating magnificent design environments and extraordinary special events that feature stunning custom silk and live floral arrangements, trees and fine accessories.

It was natural for Petal Pushers to partner with Ken Hendel of Gallery Art Aventura known for their exquisite selection of fine art that’s bought and sold for upscale clients. The event was geared towards fashionable tri-county interior designers, design industry showrooms, architects, builders, the event industry and sophisticated professionals. Other event partners included; Cusquena Beer, Tease Me Tequila, Ed Horowitz Music and Robbie E Custom Cakes.

“Art Among the Flowers” Art & Design event guests had an opportunity to experience and enjoy over $2,000,000 of stellar art strategically placed amongst a backdrop of stunning floral and tree arrangements staged throughout the entire event. Creatively displayed food and dessert arrangements, high-end accessories, occasional furniture, and unique objects d' art were beautifully and abundantly displayed for guests to enjoy. To everyone’s delight, two Petal Pushers girls and their canine mascot Dori donned flower costumes captivating the crowd as they strolled throughout the party.
John Eckhardt says,” Flowers, plants and accessories are precious gems, which when brought together become the jewelry that makes a room sparkle.”

“Art Among the Flowers” was a sparkling, warm and inviting Design & Art gathering that kicked off high season by highlighting the arts and the Anchors Away Foundation, which provides sailing programs for physically and intellectually disabled children, giving them the freedom on the water that they may not experience on land. Children have the wonderful opportunity to learn about science, math and life skills while learning how to sail their own boats through the Anchors Away Foundation.

Over 31 businesses contributed to Petal Pushers tri-county efforts to celebrate art & design and raise awareness for Anchors Away including; Bogarts Bar & Grill, Burt & Max’s Bar & Grill, I-Salon Aventura, Paddock Productions, Lucho's Hair Salon & Spa, Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbor, Sandra Topel Health & Wellness Spa, 33rd St. Wine Bar Fort Lauderdale, Billy Sullo Salon, Miami Gardens Florist, BlueWater Massage/Aesthetics, Dr. Donna's Optimal Health (Take Shape for Life/Medifast), Allied Kitchen & Bath, and Allied’s manufacturer HANSgrohe, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Gordon Sokoloff, Crown Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort, Dr. Leonard Hochstein Centre for Plastic Surgery, Petal Pushers and Co-Sponsor Gallery Art Aventura. Here’s what “Art Among the Flowers” guests had to say about the event:

“It was a pleasure to co-sponsor the ‘Art Among the Flowers” event. Walking into Petal Pushers for the first time, the florals and trees looked so real, they had me fooled. I knew my art was the real deal, but didn’t learn until the last minute that the floral surroundings were silk. It’s a fabulous way to display fine art.” – Ken Hendel, CEO Gallery Art Aventura (buying & selling Fine Art).

“I very much enjoyed the Art Among the Flowers” evening. I was glad to meet the owner who has an amazing eye for beautiful and unique objects d'art. His excellent taste is evidenced by the all the gorgeous treasures collected in the store! Wonderful destination for art and accessories”
-- Mary Scott Canada, The Painted View Fort Lauderdale, Remodeling & Home Decoration.

"Petal Pushers is a great place to escape and to feel inspired- unique floral designs and art pieces - you will definitely find all you need. Don’t just take my word for it, attend their fabulous events and let the "magic" begin!" -- Julia Costin, Business Account Executive, Comcast.

"Art Among the Flowers” was a joyous celebration of art and beauty. Surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people, it was a night to remember. I was honored to be there and wish all involved with Petal Pushers the best of luck in the future." -- Steve Einhorn, Commercial Real Estate Professional, Epic Properties.

"Fabulous art, decor, raffle prizes and food in a rich and unusual setting with treasures hidden around every nook and cranny!" – - Dr. Donna Goldstein, Optimal Heath & Weight Loss Coach, Take Shape for Life.

Eileen Glastein said, “I was so pleased to be involved for the Anchors Away Foundation and to actually see Creative Collection by Petal Pushers and their beautiful showroom.”

“The Art Among the Flowers” event was extremely well organized. Petal Pushers gallery was an ideal place to be able to mingle with the other guests and see the many outstanding works of art. -- Richard Gerber, Bryason Realty Corporation.

As featured in the Fort Lauderdale Connex connecting Community, People, their Businesses and Passions.
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